Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Growing up as an only child, I learned how to plug in and have built a beautiful community that I call family. Family is where you invest your most precious resource, time. As a single mom and active-duty nurse, my family was extensive, but we had connection. Now that I am retired, I have observed disconnection all around me, disconnections at home and at work. I became aware of strained marriages, healthcare workers committing suicide, children more insecure than ever, and generalized burn out. Can you relate? Being solution focused, I sought to find a bridge that reconstructs connections both at homes and in business. Mial Wide Coaching and Consulting was birthed thru the assessment of emotional intelligence and normal behavior. Debriefings of the assessment has become the bridge that reestablishes connection. Implementation of individualized assessment findings in the home changes living together to thriving. Organizational or group debriefings of assessment findings, identifies not just how to communicate better but provides strategic employee positioning insight as well as how to motivate each member of your team. It really is the secret sauce. Can you afford NOT to utilize this bridge?